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Erwärmungsstäbchen (1 oder 2oz)

Erwärmungsstäbchen (1 oder 2oz)

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Ein topisches Vollspektrumprodukt, das wärmt, aktiviert und die Heilung unterstützt. Dieser drehbare Deodorant-Stift ermöglicht ein glattes und gleichmäßiges Auftragen auf große oder kleine Problemzonen vor und nach der Aktivität. Hilft lindert Entzündungen und lindert Schmerzen. Eine ultra-hochwirksame Formel, unterstützt durch die heilenden Terpene der Natur und botanik.

Formel :
+ 3.000 mg Vollspektrum (1 oz)
+ 6.000 mg Vollspektrum (2 oz)
+ 0,2 % THC
+ True Terpenes® Erholungsmischung
+ Freisprech-Push-Up-Stick


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nancy Reese

Not as much pain relief as I expected

Hi Nancy, thank you for providing feedback on our warming stick. We recommend applying topicals liberally 2x daily on problem areas, and allowing 3-4 weeks to allow your body to be fully receptive to CBD. Also, for more acute pains, such as aches that prevent you from falling asleep, or when fast acting pain relief is needed, we recommend using the Freeze Gel. We're happy to ship you a freeze gel to try at no cost, simply email us hello@yellowathletic.com. We appreciate you!

Josy A.
Saved our butts

Loving your products especially that warming stick - seriously magic! IT SAVED OUR OLD @##$^%$$^&& ASSES HIKING YOSEMITE…

Unbelievably Effective CBD Topical

I may be repeating what's already been said here, but this product is nothing short of a godsend when it comes to aching muscles and, for me at least, "knots" in my back and hip.

My upper back and hips are where I'm prone to tightness, and I was surprised to find that the Yellow Athletic warming stick gives immediate relief upon application -- something that I think is unusual in the CBD realm.

To some degree, the immediate relief could be credited to the overall formulation of the product, which contains natural ingredients like capsicum. But the combination here is the game changer. There is a LOT of CBD in the stick itself (at least compared to what I was using prior from Whole Paycheck). I've found with repeat application over the course of a few days to a week actually releases legit knots in my back and hip. This is something other warming products I've used never actually achieve, and not something I've even experienced with prior CBD topical experimentation.

It's as if the knots melt away after just a few days of consistent application. FWIW, I generally at night before I go to sleep. For the first few days I'm working to relieve a sore spot, I'll apply in the morning, too. But the beeswax gives great coverage and "stick".

Only note is the scent, which is cinnamon based. It's light and not really noticeable once applied, but every time I pop the cap I can't get the image of Big Red chewing gum out of my brain. Not a gripe at all - I'd give this product 10 out of 5 stars if that was possible. Keep up the incredible formulations like this one, Yellow Athletic team!

I'm a Believer

I had a chronic pain in my pinkie toe joint from playing way too much soccer. This had been going on for months and wasn't getting any better so I decided to give the warming stick a go. After a 4 or 5 days of applying to the affected area I'm delighted to say that the pain is GONE - it's a miracle!! And I never stopped playing - the only thing that changed was the warming stick.

Brought down inflammation!

Miraculous! My knees need to be replaced and I have difficulty getting around. But two uses of the product eased a lot of pain - and even bettter reduced inflammation that has been present for months! Walking has been easier all week. Thank you!