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Don’t accept aches, pains or poor sleep as par for the course.

  • Rob S., San Francisco CA

    For many years I had a dull ache on my lower leg and tightness/discomfort in my hip flexor area: both prevented me from falling asleep at night after playing soccer. After taking the Yellow Athletic CBD Oil for about a month, the lower leg dull ache is 100% gone and the hip flexor is like 90% better. There’s more, I tore my rotator cuff, about 1.5 inches long. Kaiser recommended surgery, so I began putting the warming stick on 2x daily and 1-2 months later I have no pain when throwing a ball. I’m grateful for the pain being gone, and I have to think there is healing going on as well. These products have been amazing for me!

  • David A., Los Angeles CA

    I have been suffering with a torn meniscus on my left knee since May of 2019. After the diagnosis, and many months of physical therapy, I was facing the possibility of surgery when the pandemic closed everything. Being a non essential procedure I had to look for alternatives to my treatment besides physical therapy. I started using CBD oils with some pretty good results but it wasn't until I ran into Yellow Athletic that I was finally able to feel pain free, both the all day CBD Oil as well as the warming stick are my daily rituals and I can finally exercise again. Thanks YA

  • Eileen, Acupuncturist, Boston MA

    I have been using the Sleep Tincture for the past couple of weeks and am really impressed.  I have always struggled with sleep issues, and often don’t feel rested.  This formula not only makes it easy to get and stay asleep, I also wake rested and feel good throughout the day.  I highly recommend this product!

  • Ryan S., Pacifica CA

    At 48 and playing soccer multiple days a week with little rest in between, soreness and pain are given. I decided to try yellow athletic CBD and its been an absolute game changer, especially as it relates to post game recovery time.

  • Josy A., San Francisco CA

    Loving your products especially that warming stick - seriously magic! IT SAVED OUR OLD @##$^%$$^&& ASSES HIKING YOSEMITE…

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